Will Benedict Cumberbatch Be At The 2016 BAFTAs? 'Sherlock' Fans Might Be Disappointed

If you've been thinking that you haven't seen enough of Benedict Cumberbatch lately, then you would be right. In fact, aside from his role in Black Mass and stint as Hamlet at the National Theatre, the Sherlock star was rather MIA throughout the majority of 2015, which is why you won't find his name among the 2016 BAFTA nominees, whose award show will air live this Sunday afternoon at the Royal Opera House in London. But does that mean Benedict Cumberbatch won't be at the BAFTAs even as just a guest? As of now I'd say his attendance could go either way, I'm afraid.

You see, unlike many of his fellow celebs, Cumberbatch doesn't have a very strong social media presence, given his lack of a Twitter and Instagram account, so innocently stalking his whereabouts isn't quite as easy as one would hope. (Way to make things difficult on us, Benedict ole pal!) Even after some extensive Google researching, I couldn't find his name in association with this year's ceremony, most likely due to the fact that he isn't nominated in anything. But there's still the off chance that he'll make an appearance to support his fellow actors, so I wouldn't completely give up hope just yet.

However, if for some terrible reason he isn't at the BAFTAs (*sobs*) because he was either a.) too busy working on another project or b.) wasn't invited, take heart in knowing that the injustice should definitely be rectified in the coming years. Not only will the actor be starring in Marvel's Doctor Strange, and the Gary Oldman-scripted film Flying Horse — both of which are set to come out this year — but he'll also being playing the voice of Shere Khan in Jungle Book: Origins, which will be released sometime in late 2017. So hopefully he'll receive a few well deserved nods for any/all of those projects, if they make the cut. Or, you know, he'll stop being such a doting husband and father and want to go back to spending more time in the public eye in general? Please? (Just kidding... sort of.)

Either way, you can expect to see a lot more of Cumberbatch's glorious on-screen presence in the very near future. (Let's not forget about Sherlock's pending return!) So just in case you find yourself suffering from some rather severe withdrawal symptoms this Sunday afternoon, keep reminding yourself that more Cumberbatch goodness is still to come. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to marathon my way through the Sherlock series for the ten billionth time. I'm sure you understand.

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