Jim Carrey Apologizes to Gun Owners for Harsh Words

Seems Jim Carrey's Twitter feed has more personalities than The Mask's Stanley Ipkiss. Just two weeks after the actor condemned Kick-Ass 2 for its gun violence following the Newtown, Conn., shootings, Carrey has apologized to gun owners for his harsh words.

The actor often has critiqued gun supporters on his feed with tweets like the following:

On Sunday, however, Carrey offered an olive branch to gun advocates:

Where he stands with Universal, however, is still unclear. Back in June, the actor announced that he would not support Aug. 16's Kick-Ass 2 following the Sandy Hook strategy. It's unclear whether Carrey will still be making promotional appearances for the film — in which he plays Colonel Stars and Stripes — but it is clear that he'll continue to make manic appearances on Twitter.