8 Interspecies Animal Couples That Make Us Believe in Love

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Depending on your mood or which romantic comedy your life currently resembles, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to eat out, drink in, or spend your evening in pious adoration of Saint Valentine (like Elisa and Jack on 30 Rock ). Whichever way your Valentine’s plays out, here're guaranteed sources of joy: cute pictures of lovey moments between animals. Yes, that’s right. Hens hanging with puppies, bunnies and kitties layin' low, a pig gettin' TLC from a boxer — there’s no more surefire way to revive your belief in the warm glory of L-O-V-E. Take an adoring look at these eight examples of interspecies love — and if you're jonesing for more, check out Lisa Rogak's photo book One Big Happy Family (St. Martin's), which features 50 stories of species loving other species.

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