This Transgender Man's Coming Out Video To His Friends Is Both Insightful And Hilarious — VIDEO

When Henry Tadebois needed to share some important news with his family and friends, he decided to do it in style. The Australian trans man made a hilarious coming out video that manages to tick all the boxes: It’s funny, informative, and charming as hell. “I didn’t want to be all serious, doom and gloom,” he told BuzzFeed. “Humour creates trust, and if you can laugh at something, it’s not a big deal.”

Tadebois, a 24-year-old train driver based in Melbourne, starts the video by telling viewers about his position on the “LGBTQIA” acronym, saying, “Up until now, I have represented the L. But actually, I hail from a different twinkle in the rainbow.” He told BuzzFeed that he had previously identified as a lesbian, but that deep down, he knew he was trans. He said, “I always felt it, even when I was a toddler I used to say that I was a boy.” On his birthday last year, Tadebois realized that something needed to change. “I had to come out to myself and say ‘Yes, I am trans,’” he explained.

In the video, he defines “transgender” for viewers, and describes what will happen when he starts getting “a little help from our friend, Mr. T.” (By which he refers to both testosterone and THE Mr. T, which is awesome).

He explains the physical changes that people might notice, from a deepening voice to hair growth in new places, but he assures viewers, “Now, it may seem confusing at first — perhaps a little uncomfortable — but don’t worry, it’s nothing to worry about. It’ll be a wonderful journey!”

Tadebois told BuzzFeed that he decided to make the video and share it so that the people he knows would be prepared. “Whenever I see people later on, if I have a beard or I sound really different, they might be like, ‘Woah’,” he remarked. “I thought it would make it less shocking and weird for everybody.”

He tells viewers how they can best help him — by calling him by his new name and using masculine pronouns — but adds, “This doesn’t change my personality traits, mannerisms, or even bad habits. I’ll still be the same person you’ve always known. I just need to make the outside match the inside.” Tadebois’s humor and cheerful outlook are infectious. He says of transitioning, “I’m super excited!”

Watch the whole video below:

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