Coca Rocha Throws Shade at "Style Icons" With Stylists

Attention so-called “style icons:” Coco Rocha is not impressed. The supermodel recently told Marie Claire that “now a 20-year-old borrows couture and is crowned an icon.” She goes on to cite her style inspiration as Elizabeth Taylor, saying “She was the world’s most glamorous woman in the days before celebrity stylists.”

Rocha has a pretty good point. So many celebrities land on best dressed lists not because of their great taste, but because of their great team. On the other hand, having a stylist doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a great sartorial eye. Stylists have access to just-off-the-runway couture to which even the most A-list celebrities aren’t privy.

I think the real style icons are those who manage to push boundaries, both on and off the red carpet. Even if a stylist is providing the looks, they ultimately can't make an outfit work. A stylist might be able to pull a stunning piece of couture, but it's ultimately up the woman wearing it to pull it off.