This Toilet Nightlight Is A Bladder's North Star

by Kat George

Finally, someone has answered my wildest dreams, and made a toilet that lights up at night so you won't fall in in the dark. If you're anything like me, when you get up to go to the toilet in the night, you're groggy and incoherent, bump into everything, don't turn on any lights, and sometimes sit down and miss the toilet seat entirely. It hurts. The invention to end the pain once and for all is created by a company called IllumiBowl, who raised $95,000 on Kickstarter back in 2014 in order to produce their marvelous invention. The IllumiBowl is a motion activated night light that illuminates your toilet when you enter the room in the dark. Which is basically my dream invention. And you can buy one from IllumiBowl's website for only $19.99. BARGAIN!

The IllumiBowl can be set to one of eight colors (pink, duh) or to cycle through all of them. The concept is pretty environmentally friendly, so instead of having a light on all night and using up electricity, you can have the IllumiBowl working only when it needs to. Excuse me while I order myself and everyone else I know one of these delightful items. Meanwhile, let's take a closer look at the IllumiBowl:

1. Colors!

I told you about the colors already! But look! So many pretty colors! Which one will you choose you accompany your 3 a.m. peeing?

2. The Light Is Soft

If you've ever experienced the hell of a light turning on after you've been sleeping/swaddled in darkness, you'll be pleased to know the IllumiBowl is a soft light that wont have you squinting like a new born kitten trying to find the bowl. It's easy on the eyes so you don't have to be stunned into alertness when you go potty in the middle of the night.

3. If You Pee Standing Up, You Can't Miss

The IllumiBowl will spare the other innocent victims in your life from seeing your pee splashed all over the place in the morning — or worse, stepping in it. (AIM CAREFULLY, FRIENDS.)

4. It's Easy To Install

The IllumiBowl simply clips onto your toilet bowl, similar to a soap dispenser. Meanwhile, it's small and discreet so won't look garish in your bathroom during daylight hours. If you're not convinced yet then you clearly don't get up to pee during the night that often (as someone who pees as regularly as an elderly person I envy you so much).

5. It's Motion Activated

As mentioned already, it's motion activated. It also kind of looks like a portal to a mystical other realm, no? So you can imagine the wondrous places your urine is traveling to as you relieve yourself...

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