'The Shining' Twins Join Twitter & These Horror Movie Characters Need to Follow Suit

They're here. The sisters who played the creepiest twins to ever exist in The Shining have taken to Twitter, and they're actually sort of normal. The Burns twins, now 46, turned out pretty ordinary, in the best way possible: Lisa studied literature, and Louise is an oncologist. They're doing considerably well for former child actors, especially considering the frightening roles they played.

But what about the other horror movie characters who scared the pants off of us? What happened to them? Here's the ones who should join Twitter so we can find out...

Image: Shining_twins/Twitter


Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Chucky probably wouldn’t have the most eloquent Twitter, but it would certainly be an interesting mix of canned doll phrases and profanity. Really, it’d be like a My Buddy doll became a psychopathic biker — not exactly deep or witty, but never boring. Plus, you wouldn’t have to see his creepy, animatronic doll face talk.

Freddy Kruger

Rahman Roslan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Freddy Kruger doesn’t really have much way with words — he’s more into punchlines. But there would definitely be some Dali-esque frights in his pictures that would put weird Twitter to shame.

Hannibal Lecter

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hannibal Lecter, on the other hand, is known for his eloquence. And he’s interesting enough to continue making movies and shows about, even decades after the first movie came out (hello, Hannibal). He might be creepy as hell, but he’s also pretty sassy too — definitely worth a follow.

Norman Bates

Multiple personalities on Twitter? This would get weirder than Amanda Bynes. Norman Bates would have not one, but two Twitter accounts that talk to each other. But hey, at least he’d always have one follower no matter what.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So many questions about this one. Would he be able to type? Would his tweets just be a lot of “Uhhhhhh…” or would it just be like one of the many Hulk parody accounts? Would he eventually be attacked by a Twitter mob?