See Ellen Be The Coolest Goldilocks

In case you haven't been paying very close attention to pop culture lately, Ellen DeGeneres has been absolutely killing it lately. Not only is she set to host the Oscars next month, but she just starred in a majorly hilarious new commercial for Beats Music that's set to air during this Sunday's Super Bowl. But, because she's interested in making the masses overjoyed, Ellen DeGeneres debuted her Beats Music Super Bowl commercial on her show, to give us all a look at what we'll get to see come Sunday's big game. Of course, like most things DeGeneres touches, it's adorable.

In it, DeGeneres is sort of a version of Goldilocks, only instead of porridge and a warm bed, all she wants to do is dance. Unfortunately, that's proving impossible without the help of Beats Music and just the right setting for her to get down with her bad self in. Finally, she sneaks into an upscale apartment complex called "The Woods," and ends up in an apartment belonging to a bunch of hipster bears who just want to dance too. It's really a very sweet story.

"You're really not supposed to see it until the Super Bowl," DeGeneres comments before playing the clip, "but it's my birthday [week] and my show, so I get to do what I want."

Check it out below.