Steal Blake Lively’s Bomber Jacket & Feathered Skirt Look For A Fun Spring Ensemble — PHOTOS

Whether its her funny Instagram captions or her fashion choices, everyone's favorite girl crush Blake Lively can basically do no wrong. Tuesday she proved her style chops while hosting a luncheon to celebrate SemSem, a luxury fashion brand created by philanthropist Abeer Al Otaiba,earning a spot on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Lively wore a feathered miniskirt and a bomber jacket for a look that is perfect for spring and I immediately wanted to copy her outfit.

Lively attended the luncheon with her sister Robyn, who looked pretty in pink in a pale rose SemSem jumpsuit that coordinated perfectly with Lively's ensemble. Lively paired her feathered miniskirt and blush SemSem bomber with a pair of Christian Louboutin booties that highlighted her lovely legs, giving everyone total style envy (or so I can imagine). I've always been a fan of feathered skirts, probably because it reminds me of the 1920s and I secretly want to be a flapper, but I've never really been a fan of bomber jackets, but Lively has managed to change my opinion on them with this one outfit.

The idea of pairing fancy attire with something a little more "street style" and casual isn't exactly a new one, but Lively manages to do it in a way that is fresh and totally appropriate for a daytime gathering.

So cute, right?

Her brooch is the perfect accent.

If you are lusting over Lively's outfit like me, you're in luck, because I scoured the internet to find similar pieces so you and I can recreate this winning look ASAP.

The Bomber Jacket

Missguided Plus Satin Bomber Jacket, $60,

Colorblocked Bomber Jacket, $32.90,

A bomber jacket in a champagne colored satin or a pink hue gives the traditional bomber jacket a spring-appropriate twist.

The Feathered Skirt

Feather Mini Skirt, $42.50,

Fly High Black Feather Mini Skirt, $95,

Finding an affordable light colored feather miniskirt is a little challenging, but I really like these black options, especially since I generally wear all black. A black feathered skirt will probably get more wear than a light one.

Lace Up Booties

Truffle Collection Skye Lace Point Heeled Ankle Boots, $48,

Velvet Complex Lace Up Booties, $39,

You might not be able to pick up a pair of Christian Louboutins, but there are plenty of cute pairs of lace up heeled booties on the market. Both of these pairs come in different colors, so you can play it safe with a black or camel pair, or shake things up with a red pair, because fashion is meant to be fun!

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