32 Photos Of Individuals Repping Big Foreheads

If you're anything like me, then you're one of the many people with a big forehead out there. I'll admit that it hasn't always been easy for me to be a member of the "Big Forehead Club" (or as we members properly dub it, the "Five-head Club"). Going through life with a big forehead comes with its own set of struggles that only us big-foreheaded babes are likely to understand.

How many times have you been told that "you should get bangs?" How many of us never wear our hair up in fear that it'll highlight the vast space between our brows and mane? How many selfies do we post with our foreheads cropped off? The struggle is real.

Society usually seems to be obsessed with hating on "big" things (whether it be big bodies, noses, or foreheads). But having a big forehead is actually an incredibly beautiful thing. Queen Elizabeth I was famous for not only embracing big foreheads, but coveting them. In fact, during her time it was considered "aristocratic" to have a large forehead. According to The Daily Mail, people would arch their brows, pluck their hair, and wear wigs that pushed back the hairline in order to make their foreheads appear higher.

So let's take a page from the historical beauty book and celebrate the gloriousness of big foreheads by looking at 32 beautiful individuals who proudly rock them.

1. @formallylw

Wearing a crown on her high forehead like a queen.

2. @spacejam21

Four-eyes plus a five-head equate to total stunning-ness.

3. @heatherhairoine

The higher the hair (and forehead), the closer to heaven.

4. @_urbanwitch_

This is absolutely magical.

5. @stripperwife

The beauty of her face is most definitely out of this world.

6. @rosievintagebam

Gorgeous hair, stunning eyes, and a forehead to match.

7. @skeptictrash

I am loving how confidently she wears her hair pulled back, completely embracing everything beautiful and perfect about her face.

8. @ashelytheadventurer

This is absolutely gorgeous; not to mention cute as a button.

9. @iamhanifa1

Nothing short of stunning.

10. @kobi_jae

She's channeling Queen Elizabeth I with her red hair, high forehead, and queenly status.

11. @curvybostongal79

Serving us all the beauty that nature has given her.

12. @yerawizardharry

I have a passion for all things purple, and for beautiful faces like this one.

13. @danielle_zavala

Every bit equals absolute bombshell.

14. @zaftig_grrrl

High neck dress with a high forehead? High five!

15. @beckyrodgers12

This big-foreheaded beauty-in-blue takes my breath away.

16. @bernelee_m

This gorgeous girl said it best when she noted that she is #blessed.

17. @marlotaveras

Serving us absolute fierceness that has me completely swooning.

18. @jane_czko

I am absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous woman's face.

19. @helloamykins

Disney, an engagement, and a beautiful face make this photo all kinds of happy.

20. @karlishmarli

A woman with a gorgeous, fierce forehead and a gorgeous, fierce feline.

21. @shayracha

A lovely lady with a lovely face.

22. @sunflowerseleven

Positively radiant.

23. @amberpatricex0

I understand wanting to cover up a blemish, but never a beautiful forehead like this one.

24. @abbynormalemily

She's casually showing off her new ring, which goes perfectly with her gorgeous, happy face.

25. @brookebelynda

This is so beautiful that you have to smile.

26. @lindanicole

Mermaid hair with a forehead fit for a queen.

27. @dittlillaknas

Another queenly forehead with a gorgeous braided crown to match.

28. @thekalekitten

This one's proof of just how beautiful being comfortable with yourself can be.

29. @viva_glam_ray

Her makeup isn't the only thing I'm obsessed with.

30. @maryannvalentine

Loving yourself is a beautiful thing.

31. @em.ily.babe

Serving us high-forehead and high-fashion realness.

32. @khaleesidelrey

Me, myself, my big forehead, and I.

Part of being body positive means accepting that everyone's body is individual, unique, and beautiful in its own right. Most of us have been taught to hide and "cover up" the bigger parts of our bodies, but if there's anything to be learned from the body positive movement, it's that big is beautiful. So before you go getting bangs, hiding your forehead with hats, or purposely cropping it off in your selfies, take a moment to reflect on how regal, unique, and stunning your forehead is, and embrace it head on.

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Image: Courtney Mina