Lauren Conrad Changed Her Hair Again

by May Sofi

What is it with celebrities and hair change-ups? It seems just when we have finally gotten used to seeing them in one look, they go ahead and transform themselves all over again. Lauren Conrad dyed her hair blonde again, ditching those fiery red locks she debuted just a little while ago. I knew the red hair couldn't last forever, but I'm pretty surprised she is back to blonde so quickly.

When the 30-year-old first jumped on the redhead bandwagon back in December, I was totally and completely blindsided. I mean, the starlet has been notorious for her signature dirty blonde tresses for as long as we have known her, so I really wasn't expecting a bold new color change. After some time, I grew to love the new shade, but deep down I knew her days as a redhead were numbered. It seems I was totally right.

LC's hair stylist revealed her new sandy-colored hue with a photo on Instagram on Wednesday, captioned, "my lil blonde bb is back." The dye-job is pretty impressive, too, it looks as though her color had never changed. Her new mane possessed a nice mixture of pale yellow and caramel highlights, emanating a subtle ombre effect.

Take a look at the gorgeous new 'do.

Pretty, isn't it?

Once you dye your hair, it's pretty difficult to revert to your original color — I'm speaking from experience. Here are a few foolproof tips if you're thinking on going from red to blonde.

1. Get Your Natural Hair Lightened First, Then Top With Highlights

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to NYC colorist Kyle White (via Teen Vogue) when making the trip to the salon, you should "have your colorist lighten up your natural hair with foils or painting, and then layer the highlights over that." This is apparently the healthier way to achieve that perfect blonde hue.

2. Book Multiple Appointments With Your Colorist

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Going from deep red to platinum blonde is no easy feat, according to NYC salon owner Beth Minardi. She explained to Behind The Chair that the transition is pretty difficult to do in one sitting, so you'll likely need to make multiple visits.

3. Stay Away From Alcohol-Based Products

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Serge Normant for John Frieda Salon colorist, Johnathan Gale, told Marie Claire, "Bottle blondes may suffer from dry, dull hair, and using products that contain high amounts of alcohol can make the problem worse." That means take it easy with the mousse, spray, and gel, and your faux blonde tresses will look as good as a Kardashian's.