Chris Pratt is Buff Now; Will Andy on 'Parks and Rec' Be Too?

According to his Instagram, Chris Pratt has been working out -- a lot -- in preparation for the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, in which he will play the half-human/half-alien leader of a group of futuristic outcasts. But what will this mean for Andy in the next season of Parks and Recreation?

Pratt's Parks and Recreation co-stars have already weighed in on what they think of his new body on Twitter.

Jim O'Heir is adorable and Jerry-esque:

Rob Lowe is incredulous:

And as always, Retta says what we've all been thinking:

But really, to echo Rob Lowe, how his Andy going to come back to Pawnee with a six-pack instead of his adorably pudgy belly? Of course, there's always a chance that Pratt could go back and pack on the pounds before filming the show, but the show's writers could always come up with some interesting plotlines for Andy. The most obvious and satisfying way to go for the character would be for him to finally achieve his goal of becoming a cop. But there's also some more interesting ways the show could take -- what if Andy tried to become a UFC fighter (like his Halloween costume, Chuck Liddell)? His new body, combined with his usual empty-headed and easily influenced demeanor, would also make him the perfect candidate for a male model.