6 Things To Do Every Sunday To Improve Your Week

by Carina Wolff

When Sunday night rolls around, it's hard not to experience that feeling of dread for Monday morning. But instead of lamenting the end of the weekend, you can use Sunday to improve your week by doing a few activities that ensure you'll have more pleasant days to come. Using Sundays as a dedicated day to get your life together can make for a smoother work week, and you may even find yourself looking forward to the end of the weekend.

As expected, Gallup polls show that most people experience less stress and more enjoyment on Saturdays and Sundays, but certain people also show no increase in pleasure over the weekends, especially if they continue to socialize during the week at work. This is because they're not sure what to do with their leisure time, and they end up spending it plopped in front of the TV or socially isolated. Picking up a good habit on Sundays can not only make your day better, but give you a sense of purpose.

"Sunday is such a valuable day to take opportunity to plan and organize tasks, participate in healthy activity, and set the tone for the upcoming week," says clinical psychologist Dr. Joel Ingersoll, PH.D, CMC over email.

If you're trying to avoid the Monday blues, or you're just trying to find time to fit in all your errands, consider doing these six things every Sunday to improve the rest of your week.

1. Fill In Your Planner

"Take 15 minutes Sunday night to fill in your weekly planner," says Ingersoll. "Organizing your week on Sunday gives you an overview of how to manage tasks and reduces the risk of stress later in the week."

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2. Plan Your Meals

"You can plan and prepare your meals for the week ahead on Sunday," says Kristin M. MacRae Organizing and Efficiency Expert Owner, over email. "Portion everything out so you can just grab and go during the week. You won't have to think about meals for lunch and dinner during the week because everything will already be taken care of."

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3. Self-Reflect

"Sundays for me are about rejuvenation, connection, and reflection," says Greg Miller, Sweat Fitness personal trainer, over email. "It is a perfect day to prepare ourselves mentally with our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, revising and editing the things we need for us as individuals so that we can provide for our loved ones and collectively as a whole."

4. Clean Your Room

Cleaning your room on Sundays can help not only declutter your physical space, but also your mind for the rest of the week. Studies show that clutter can undermine productivity, so getting your space cleaned up Sunday night will help you have an easier time getting things done later in the week.

5. Motivate Yourself

"Surround yourself with motivational and inspirational messaging," says Ingersoll. "Whether it's reading, listening to music, or socializing, be sure to connect with positivity. It can set an amazing tone for the upcoming week."

6. Have Fun

"Sunday can be busy, and we can easily slip into negative frame of mind that Monday is looming," says Ingersoll. "Take action and plan a family dinner with everyone contributing, taking time to enjoy reflecting on these moments."

Spending time to get everything together on Sunday can make for a pleasant week free of stress, so take those extra few hours at the end of your weekend to take care of yourself.

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