Harry Hudson Is More Than The Guy In Kylie's Snaps

If you were one of the millions following Kylie Jenner's epic Snapchat saga like it was a damn soap opera, then you're familiar with the mysterious ~Harry~, who somehow managed to entangle himself in a fictional love triangle consisting of Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian, and — plot twist! — Caitlyn Jenner. The Snap story was truly one for the ages, with enough facetious drama and celeb cameos to become some type of super meta Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode in itself. The bad guy in the whole thing is the cheating Harry, who I assumed was going to be Harry Styles before the real Harry's identity was revealed (it's Harry Hudson, friend of the Jenner sisters). So, just who is Harry Hudson? He's more than just a Snapchat villain and a Kardashian-Jenner sidekick, I'll tell you that.

Hudson, who has been longtime friends with both Kylie and Kendall and is a part of that whole group that includes Jaden Smith, is also a musician and a cancer survivor — a living, breathing tale of inspiration from someone who is just in his early twenties.

As Hudson recalled to the Daily Beast in a 2014 interview, he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma the same day he met with the label head who launched Lady Gaga's career.

"It went from the best day to the worst day of my life," Hudson recalled. "Everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve dreamed of is about to come true, and then something unexpected hits you, and you have no idea what’s going on."

Despite the fact that some friendships faded after his diagnosis, Hudson told the site that Kylie and Kendall were always there for him during his fight.

"I was losing friends left and right. People weren’t able to deal with my cancer," he told the Daily Beast. "Kylie and Kendall came when nobody else did." After multiple rounds of chemo and two years since his diagnosis, Hudson is proudly cancer-free today and is focusing on his music, often showcasing his work on his SoundCloud account and posting the beat-heavy tracks to fan acclaim:

Of course, when he's not being a straight-up inspiration, musician, and casual Kylie and Kendall Jenner BFF, Hudson is busy making headlines for himself by starring in Snapchat masterpieces. Check out the one presented in full below for your viewing pleasure:

Harry Hudson: Snapchat extraordinaire, yes — but most importantly, inspirational hero.