This Is How Kendall & Kylie Prep For Fashion Week

by Augusta Statz

This pair knows how to do fashion week. When you’re a top model and the person basically making a festival-worthy movie via Snapchat, it’s practically your job to rule this week, and I’d say these ladies are off to a good start. See how Kendall and Kylie Jenner prep for NYFW, because it’s only day one, and they are already killing it.

Kylie posted a video to Instagram giving us a behind the scenes look at what went on before their early morning appearance on Today . Kendall is lying down while getting her makeup done in the vid. She appears to be sleeping, but she’s awake — at least awake enough to eat a piece of bacon that Kylie feeds her. She doesn’t even open her eyes to know that it’s bacon being put in front of her mouth, because it’s hard to mistake that wonderful smell. Kylie’s role in all of this is probably the most important of all. She dubbed herself “the bacon distributor,” and that is not a job to be taken lightly, if you ask me.

I can’t wait to see how these sisters make it through the week together. If this video is any indication of how the week is going to go, I can already tell they are going to absolutely slay, whether on the runway, on the front row, or just getting ready in their hotel room. Check out their amazing prep sesh, along with 11 other times these sisters have made quite the duo.

What are sisters for if not to feed you bacon? That's my kind of loyalty.

1. TV Appearances

When you're on a talk show with your sis, wearing the line you created together, you're pretty much winning at life.

2. Behind The Scenes

When your selfie game is just as strong as a professional photo shoot.

3. Bikini Bods

The sisters who pose in bikinis together, stay together.

4. Secret Handshake

With just a little more practice, they'll even have their own secret handshake.

5. Cute Cuddles

Aren't they adorable all cuddled up in their pjs?

6. Support System

It's important to have a sister who's always got your back.

7. 2015

And a sister who will forever be the highlight of your year.

8. Cool Aunts

This is the best aunt situation ever.

9. Sunbathing Sisters

There's no one better to relax with than your own sister.

10. Ride Or Die

They've been there for each other since day one.

11. Family Matters

Because family is the most important, after all.

Well, family and bacon, that is.

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