These New Covers Will Give You Nostalgia Feels

by Emma Oulton

Long before The Fault in Our Stars, there was Lurlene McDaniel, the OG "crying and dying lady" (her words, not mine). Since the mid '80s, McDaniel's churned out over 70 YA novels (that's more than two a year!) — and most of them revolve around the cheery topic of chronically ill teenagers falling in love. Sorry, John Green fans, but McDaniel's been making us cry with this stuff for decades. And now, 10 of her bestselling books are being released as e-books with brand new beautiful covers. Well, I know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day.

Most of McDaniel's devoted readers are in their 20s and 30s now, but piles of her books are still very much lining our shelves. Through the years, we have turned to them when we needed a good cry, when we were feeling sorry for ourselves, and when we were in the mood for some romance. And come February 14, I'll be sending my husband out alone; us McDaniel fans don't need a partner in order to have a loved-up Valentine's Day.

I don't know about you, but I'm downloading all 10 of these re-illustrated e-books right now, ready for the big day. I mean, with heartbreakingly romantic titles like Till Death Do Us Part, Lifted Up By Angels, and my personal favorite Don't Die, My Love, how could they not be a perfect V-Day companion?! Just take a look at these:

Your mascara is running and your heart is swooning, right? Me too. So let's light some candles, run a bubble bath, and snuggle down for the most romantic Valentine's love stories the world has ever seen.