Here's What Everyone Thinks Of Yeezy Season 3

With a livestream heard round the fashion world, Kanye West dropped Yeezy Season 3 and his new album The Life Of Pablo on Feb. 11 during New York Fashion Week. And, as with literally anything Kanye decides to do, the show was polarizing, especially for the good folks of Twitter.

Yeezy Season 2 got a lot of flak for looking exactly like Yeezy Season 1, and clearly Kanye got the message. Season 3 — while still decidedly militaristic and heavily featuring Spandex material — includes pops of color outside the neutral family. You know, like mostly dark maroon and forest green, but also a couple pops of bright orange that gave the collection a slightly less somber feel compared to the previous two.

Since this was a fully virtual, livestreamed event (well, except for the very lucky few who snagged a ticket) the Internet lit up with reactions the second all the looks were on stage. Some people were stoked. Some were unenthused. Some were confused by all the swim caps. But one thing appeared to be agreed on: Kanye, no matter what crazy scheme he's up to, is worth our full collective attention. Even if it means skipping work.

Of course, we had the full on fans, ready to praise their icon...

...many of whom called out the diversity in the show that the rest of Fashion Month is usually missing.

Still, some who weren't sure how to feel.

Many lamented on not being able to afford the brand they had fallen in love with.

But others were too confused about the pieces to invest in a splurge.

Of course, the pop culture comparisons came out quickly.

And then there was this very honest girl.

Yet we'll all tune in for Season 4. I guarantee it, Yeezy.