Why Mascara On Lash Extensions Is A-OK

by Jessica Thomas
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This morning, a coworker showed up for work and something looked different about her. There was a subtle change to her face, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. I finally asked, and it turns out she'd done the one beauty treatment I've been dying to try. (Well, besides laser hair removal). Turns out, she'd splurged on lash extensions, and her eyes seriously looked amazing. She said she wasn't wearing any makeup, but I had to wonder: Should you wear mascara with lash extensions? Or is it a total no go.

Turns out, my coworker's aesthetician told her mascara was fine, as long as she kept it to the tips and avoided applying it to the base of her lashes. Lash expert Courtney Akai agrees, and she told the Huffington Post that mascara could cause lashes to look clumpy if you apply them to the base. My coworker's lashes looked so amazing it definitely looked like she had on several coats of the world's most perfect mascara. Considering lashes only last three to four weeks and fall out naturally over time, it makes sense to use mascara to fill in the gaps as the lashes fall out.

Here are some tips if you choose to add a little extra mascara to your lash extensions.

Use A Water-Based Formula

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Turns out, the type of mascara you use is important. You should only use water-based formulas, not oil-based or waterproof mascara. This cult favorite is water-based.

Use A Water-Based Eye Makeup Remover

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Make sure you also pick a water-based makeup remover wipe, which won't get lint on your lashes like a cotton round would.

Remove Mascara Extremely Carefully


Lashes fall out naturally over the course of a few weeks, but you'll want to be careful when you remove

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