LC's Twitter Chat Almost Put Us to Sleep

I like Lauren Conrad. I liked her on Laguna Beach, on The Hills, and I like her projects now. The former reality star writes saucy books for teens and style books for women. She's created two fashion lines and has a huge following on her lifestyle website, blog, and Twitter. Conrad is known for having a minimalistic, tasteful, and chic approach to fashion and parties and sports the most perfect cat-eye in town — so shouldn't she have more to say in a recent interview? On Wednesday, Lauren Conrad did a Twitter Q&A with Us Weekly where she answered questions from fans — and apparently her minimalistic style transferred over to her answers.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year? A: So much! It's going to be a great year :-)

So much! Well, that covers all the bases. Moving on.Q: What inspired you to write all your books?A: Mostly my different interests and experiences.

Q: What is your go-to day lipstick? A: I almost never wear lipstick during the day, but for nights I go hot pink or red.

Hot pink and red... the two colors that people usually wear... all the time.

Q: What advice do you have for a current fashion student vying to have a successful career in the industry? A: A good internship helps! It's never too early to start making relationships and building a resume.

Internship? Resume? That's all the advice we can muster from the girl who interned at Teen Vogue and People's Revolution and launched two fashion lines?

Q: Do you use any anti-aging/wrinkle-free creams, and if so, which are your favorites? A: I use an eye cream, but I have a few. I think different ones work for different people.

LAUREN. Until you choose to tweet out a complete answer, or tell us more about your perfect cat-eye, I'll be napping near my laptop.

Images: pukizaura/teenagepics/laurenconradandthehills/kushnisseverdeen/Tumblr