What Are Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

by Emily McClure

Move over falsies! 2016 is all about eyelash extensions. It seems as if every celebrity from Kim K to Beyoncé has been seen sporting these new lengthy lashes; but what exactly are these tiny fibers made of? The answer may just surprise you. Before you head to the salon, make sure you to your research about exactly what type of eyelash extension is best for you. While it may seem like a "one-size-fits-all" deal, there is actually multiple types of eyelash extensions. The types available are mink, syntheic silk, or sable, and each offer a different type of weight and flair.

Wondering which lashes to reach for? Well, according to the pros a Sakura Beauty, it's all about your own style preference. If you're looking for soft, fluffy lashes, opt for mink. They're Beyoncé's favorite, after all! These lash fibers are gathered from the brushing of a mink, and give the eye a naturally flirty look. While these are the most natural and lightweight lashes, they are also the priciest option. A whole set can cost you between $300 to $500!

If you're looking for cheaper alternative, turn to synthetic or silk lashes. These extensions are made from polyester materials, and are perfect for more dramatic looks. Since these fibers contain darker pigmentation and sheen, they're amazing for a special occasion. However, if you eyelashes are typically very thin and sparse, choose sable lashes. This fiber is the thinnest, and will blend beautifully with your natural lashes. However, no matter what material you choose, the end result is going to be fabulous!

1. Application Process

Wondering how it's done? Here's a short video showing you exactly what the esthetician would be doing.

2. Q&A

I'm sure you have a TON of questions surrounding the experience. In this video, YouTuber Shaaanxo, breaks down some of her most asked questions about the procedure.

3. Finished Result

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Because isn't looking like Beyoncé the overall goal?

Like any other beauty procedure, as long as you do the proper research, your lash experience is sure to go down flawlessly.