Kylie Jenner's Nail Polishes Are Super Affordable

If you didn't have enough in your savings account to get your hands on the Kylie Lip Kits, then don't worry, because you're still in luck. Kylie Jenner is releasing a nail polish line in collaboration with Sinful Colors, and it's more affordable than any other Jenner product on the market. How much will Jenner's nail polish line cost? Well, it's less than your daily coffee order. Yes, really!

Between her new clothing collection, creating new Kylie Cosmetics products, and restocking her Lip Kits every other week, Jenner has been busy building her beauty resume lately. Although some of her other products are a bit pricey, Jenner's new SinfulShine nail collection with Sinful Colors are just $2.99 each. That means you can get your hands on ten polishes for the price of one Lip Kit.

According to WWD, Jenner's first King Kylie SinfulShine Collection will launch in early March, with two more following in early April and May. That's right — she's curated three limited-edition collections for the brand. With the first one made up of 20 shades with everything from pastels to bright metallics, this is the most diverse Jenner beauty collection yet.

“I wanted to do something innovative and accessible to my young fans,” Jenner told WWD. “The colors are great for all skin tones, too.”

Between rich dark hues like True Kolor and pastels like Kommando, it's clear to see where the Jenner influence comes from. Add to that the super affordable price tag, and these polishes will be flying off the shelves. If her $29-a-pop Lip Kits sold out out in just minutes, then just imagine what will happen with these shades!

It was only a matter of time before Jenner launched a nail polish line, if you ask me. She's constantly showing off her fabulous nails on social media and her Instagram is often filled with her trendy nails designs. I just never in a million years thought they'd be so affordable. I guess dreams really do come true — if you can get to the store before they're sold out.

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Image: Sinful Colors