Attention All Blue-Haired Ladies! Switch Up Your Style With This Look From Gaultier Couture

Attention all blue-haired ladies!

If John Paul Gaultier and the couture hair stylists that be have any say, you’ll be taking a walk on the wild side with painted on leopard spots. At Gaultier's couture show in gay Paree, hair stylist Odile Gilbert coiffed the models with the wildest of styles.

Not sure about you, but I'm all for a more exotic, eccentric style emerging from the recesses of the wardrobe and vanity as one ages in grace and good humor.

For those interested in going about it now: Start with a simple French twist (if you had long enough hair in the '90s, I'm sure you can remember how.) Next, find a friend with access to a stencil and some spray paint. Finally, step out on the town and let the masses come to you, you hair-style icon.

In all seriousness, this is the best part about couture: the total fantasy it incites. I'm filing this away for my future as an eccentric.