This New App Lets You Print Out Your Own GIFs

When GIFs first became a part of our every day text life, we thought our expression game was on FLEEK. And now, with apps that allow us to create GIFs of ourselves, our text game has hit the max, which is exactly why the new app Ubersnap had to step up its game — Ubersnap lets your print your own GIFs so you can export your digital game to IRL. GIFs are definitely the new emojis — they're a perfect mix of personal and tech savvy, so there's no reason not to get on board.

I often look at my Instagram feed and wish there was an easier way to have my photos IRL. It would be nice to have them on my actual walls — yano, the ones made out of wood or cement? It would be nice to have access to my favorite photos without having to be on my phone. Like in the cave days when people used film and had physical photos to show for themselves.

Ubersnaps are cool for a few reasons: besides the fact that it's uber convenient to order the photos you want online and have them show up at your doorstep, they're totally unique and freakishly futuristic. On the app's site, it says "hold a piece of magic in your hands" and that's a totally legit slogan. It really is the closest thing we have to magic with photographs. It's just the kind of thing we saw growing up in movies about the future or magic makers. Now, it's a reality.

So here's how it works: first, download the app here and cruise through the feed to get some inspiration. When you decide on the action you want to capture in your very own Ubersnap, hit record. It will snap a few pictures and put them together like a high speed flip book, to create the motion. Then, you can edit the image quality with filters, just like you would on Instagram. From there you can share the Ubersnap across all of your social media platforms, or just order your printed copies.

The people behind Ubersnap, the Singapore-based start-up, are not just trying to hock the new app of the month. They're a group of incredibly creative visionaries who are dedicated to inspiring others to be proud of their craft and to share their story. On the app's website, the company has built a digital magazine that's updated every two weeks with new stories and interviews from artists — the kind of people they hope to reach as users. Ubersnap is more than a communication and memorabilia portal, it's a growing artistic community not dissimilar to Pinterest or Instagram, in the sense that they want people to spend time on their app, interacting with their users, not just using it as a way to get prints. Though, that's totally fine, too.

Images: Ubersnap