Stop Asking Lea About Her Dating Life

After the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith, it's safe to assume that this hasn't been an year for Glee star Lea Michele. But she's been kicking ass professionally, getting through some tough performances on Glee, releasing a new album, and being Teen Vogue's March cover girl, but there's something disappointing we should address.

When an actress like Michele gets asked the typical lady-interview questions, i.e. What's your style? What's your makeup routine? Do you want to get married? it's annoying, but in Michele's case, it's even more disheartening when she's asked if she's dating. The answer was just as obvious as the question:

I'm focusing on my job and taking care of myself. Maybe in a little while I'll be like, 'What do I want?' But I'm not quite there yet.

Having to read actresses usually rehearsed-sounding answers to these questions is boring enough. Unless they're publicly dating someone, they're always "too busy" to date or focusing on themselves, etc., etc. And in Michele's interview, it seems even more inexcusable. What do you expect her to say "Oh yeah, I picked up this really great guy at the funeral"? It makes sense that Michele is single, now more than ever.

So please, let's let the poor woman be single. I know, there's a constant, gnawing urge to inquire about a woman's relationship status, especially when she's a young celebrity. It's understandable that there will be a lot of personal questions about Monteith, it's a powerful and emotional subject. But if there's ever a situation in which asking an actress inane questions about dating should be off-limits, it's when their boyfriend recently died. So please — just don't.