The One Thing You Need To Do To For Softer Feet

by Teresa Newsome
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I was totally guilty of hiding my feet away all winter in boots, socks, and unicorn slippers, then punishing some poor nail tech with my dry, cracked elephant feet. That was before I learned the one thing you need to do to wake up with smoother feet. Now, that sounds like the pitch part of a late-night infomercial, I know, but it really is the single most important part of my pedicure routine. It makes such a dramatic impact in the feel and appearance of my feet, and it's incredibly simple, incredibly cheap, and incredibly awesome. It's actually so easy, you can do it in your sleep. I'm talking about moisture retention socks. Total game changer.

To just wear socks to bed seems like a too-good-to-be-true situation, but it's really not. It's a true lazy beauty hack and I'm all about lazy beauty hacks. You won't wake up the first night with perfect feet. This foot are solution takes time. But it's easy time (you're sleeping) and it's totally worth it. It doesn't just smooth and soften your feet. It also helps moisturize your cuticles and toenails so your toe nails are dry, brittle, or prone to cracking and peeling, you use this method to get the in shape too.

1. It Keeps Your Feet Hydrated

When you come out of hibernation at the end of winter, your feet are probably covered in cracks and a thick layer of dry, dead skin. They're probably rough and flaky. Those are all problems that stem from a lack of moisture. When you wear moisture socks with a thick moisturizer, it locks the moisture in all night so your skin has a chance to absorb it over a long period of time.

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2. It Loosens Dead Skin

Dead skin is pretty easy to remove when it's moist. The moisture socks will hold moisture against the skin, including the dead skin. When the dead skin is moist, you can remove it much more easily. In fact, you can probably wipe it off with a wash cloth at the end of your shower. No need to use a hard file or pumice stone.

3. It Hydrates Your Nails

If you have cracked, peeling toe nails that look jagged and uneven from breaking, moisture retention socks can help. Your nails need moisture as well, in order to remain strong and flexible instead of hard and brittle. It works the way a good cuticle oil and hand lotion (and moisture retention gloves) can work for your hands and fingernails.

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4. It Sloughs Some Dead Skin

If the socks have a lot of texture to them, the natural motion that occurs during your sleep will create some friction. This friction will remove a little but of the dead skin and help to smooth your feet. If you have just mild dry skin, this friction could actually be all the smoothing you need. When worn regularly, they can keep your skin looking like you just had a fresh pedicure.

5. It's Inexpensive

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You can get moisture retention socks online for less than $10. I got mine at a dollar store for $1. If you don't have (or want to but) moisture retention socks, any thick socks will work in a pinch. Moisture retention socks are especially designed to hold in more moisture, but thick regular socks will do almost as good of a job.

6. It Works With Almost Any Moisturizer

While thick moisturizers work best, you can really use any lotion you have around. You can also use skin oils, creams, body butters, even petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It's really a matter of trial and error to determine which lotion works best, but I find that any thick body lotion or hand cream works best.

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7. It Keeps Your Feet Dry During The Day

Before, in order to keep your feet looking smooth and hydrated, you had to apply lotion throughout the day, which can make your feet slippery, sweaty, and uncomfortable, especially if you're wearing a thick lotion or an oily lotion. You can use a light moisturizer throughout the day and save the big guns for your sleep time.

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Did you ever think just wearing socks and lotion to bed could totally transform your feet? I've been doing it for years and I am a total believer.

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