9 Colorful Vacation Pieces You Can Layer Up in Right Now

Insert predictable whining over cold weather here. Insert hot tears of envy over photos — probably staged, but still — of models frolicking on Tahitian beaches. Insert chilly fingertips that can't type as fast as they can in mid-July.

Insert longing for all things floral and chiffon. Insert a bit of online shopping. Insert the realization that beachy, flowing, striped things need not be regulated to summer months, but can in fact — when paired with tights and some serious layering skills — be worn right now.

A bright tunic

Sure, you’d ideally be pairing it with bare legs and a trip to the sunny vineyards of southern Italy, but there’s no reason you can’t layer it under a chunky scarf and winter coat, its bright colors peaking through like a dream of summer.

Tolani Sasha Tunic Red Floral, $152,

A beachy dress

Snow or no snow, this dress is bright and slouchy enough to conjure up nights spend plucking the ukelele around a sandy bonfire.

Paul & Joe Sister Shirt Dress in Bunny Print, $287.04,

Breton stripes

What would us Northern girls do without Breton stripes, the fail-proof way to convey warm days on the Seine without actually being anywhere near Paris in Spring?

Mouchette Blue Coast Breton Stripe Tee, $29,

Rose-colored glasses

They do exactly the same job as dark, wintery glasses, but with approximately 75 percent more Hope for Springtime.

Ray-Ban Aviators, $195,

Crazy, flowy pants

Voluminous pants in wild prints will always convey just a smidgen of Floridian Grandmother, and in the dead of winter, that’s just fine.

Ark & Co. Snake Print Soft Pant, $69,

A chiffon maxi skirt

Maxi skirts look just as breezy with ankle boots instead of sandals — plus, you can wear as many pairs of woolen tights as you want underneath, and no one will ever know.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt, $34,

Super light jeans

You’re wearing jeans anyway, so why not give those sad dark ones a break? Life’s blue enough right now.

Harlow Moto Jeans in Canal, $188,

A tropical maxi dress

Everything about this look screams warm weather — until you pair it with a fur coat and loads of bangles, like an eccentric movie star whose just flown from L.A. to NYC and can’t be bothered to change.

Erin Floral Print Maxi Dress, $264,

A desert-inspired sweater

It was meant for cool desert nights drinking wine coolers by the Grand Canyon, but it’s perfect for Netflix marathons by your half-broken radiator, too.

Billabong Anabelle Flyaway Cardigan Sweater, $79.50,