This Grammy-Nominated Song Is So Body Positive

Back in 2015, we saw a plethora of Grammy nominated body positive songs arise — everything from Meghan Trainor telling us that it was all about that bass to Yonce making us want to embrace our curves. But this year, the imaginary award for Most Body Positive Song at the Grammys goes to Charlie Wilson for "My Favorite Part Of You."

Wilson is nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance, but when you listen to the soulful, blues-inspired track, you'll probably want to go to a mirror and kiss your reflection. If you're anything like me, the man will make you feel like you're flawless, and like you should worship every inch of yourself.

The song starts off with the lyrics, "Baby, you're flawless, girl from your head to your feet. You outshine the diamond that's on your ring. You're just like a flower, every petal unique. But what's at the top of the list for me?"

At this point in time, you might be doing a variation of the hair flip, or the nonchalant hair twirl with a "go on" look on your face. Many of us are hopefully already under the impression that every inch of our bodies and minds is amazing, and don't need the validation of a dude to tell us as much, but some details as to why we're so rad would be nice to hear from time to time. And details the guy can offer.

"Could be your lips or your beautiful curves. Girl, I swear you're so damn sexy it hurts. I gotta tell ya, baby, it's your mind and your body, hold up, I'm not done. There's no way that I can choose just one. You're more than any man deserves."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I don't know about you, but hearing all about how a person just can't choose just one thing about me to appreciate makes me sit a little taller. When thinking about body positivity, we often hear about how it's a journey that we need to make on our own — one that means learning to appreciate our bodies and loving those bodies no matter what beauty standards society might set upon us. While that's arguably true, hearing encouraging words from others, as well as healthy, loving attitudes about others' bodies, might just help with that journey.

It can give us a new perspective and a blueprint for a unique frame of mind. Hearing about how curves are beautiful, how every part of us is unique and special (which goes directly against the homogeneous vibe of beauty standards), and how it's hard to choose just one thing to praise about you, might make you want to smile and do a little shimmy next time you catch your reflection in the mirror.

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Wilson's chorus goes, "Oh, so many things that I like. I can't decide because every part of you is my favorite part of you, oh! No matter how hard I try, I can't decide because every part of you is my favorite part of you, oh!"

Take Wilson's word for it: Every part of you is gorgeous. Sure, he's a guy. But he ain't wrong.