You Definitely Didn't Notice This 'TLOP' Detail

While you may have been understandably distracted by all the uproar over Kanye West's new album, The Life Of Pablo, that might've caused you to overlook something major. It's OK, you're human. I didn't notice this hugely important aspect of the album at first, either. After all, with the whole Taylor Swift lyrics thing, coupled with West's Saturday Night Live appearance, plus all the analysis we all did for the "I Love Kanye" lyrics, it was easy to get lost in the fray. But, as it turns out, the one thing you didn't notice about TLOP is quite beautiful, and deserves your attention.

This special TLOP attribute doesn't have to do with the man who refers to himself as "Yeezus," at all. How can that be on his very own album, you ask? Because it takes a village to create a fully formed, well-rounded album, and one of the people in this particular village is currently being underappreciated for the beautiful solo that she delivered on one of the tracks. Many have assumed the female singer on "Highlights" along with Young Thug and The Dream is Carole King, as per NME, but King's manager Sherry Kondor said in a statement that, "Carole did not collaborate with Kanye on the record." However, the fact that so many people believed that the woman who sings, "One life, one night/High lights/Living the life 'til I die" on the track could be King really says something about the mystery woman's vocal prowess.

You can check the song out for yourself below. Though sadly, the woman doesn't actually appear in this particular version of the tune:

Sure, there's not a ton of soloing on the song, but it's enough to truly appreciate such a beautiful voice on an album full of big name collaborators. Don't get me wrong. The Life of Pablo is definitely one of Kanye's greatest albums of all time. But what helps to make the album so great is that he gave so much spotlight and so much of a platform to other artists to help him craft his creative vision into an even bigger and better one. So take the time to appreciate this verse as much as you appreciate all of the verses on the album; it's just that beautiful.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally claimed that Carole King sang the verse listed, as well as the outro of "Highlights" alongside The Dream. It has since been updated to reflect that Ms. King did not, in fact, sing on Kanye's record at all.