You Must Watch This Video Til The End

On Wednesday, a new music video, ahem, I mean, PSA premiered on YouTube for the Learn for Life Foundation in Australia. The PSA is called "Set Yourself Free", which seems pretty harmless... until you watch the whole thing.

The video features carefree teenagers bronzed in bathing suits, going for a drive to a nearby beach. Upon arrival, they frolic in the water, make out in the sand, catch some waves with their surf boards, swig some beer, and do every cliche activity on the beach that you can possibly think of.

If you live on the east coast right now, you almost hate these youngsters for being able to soak in the sun while you're wearing three pairs of pants and getting frostbite every time you leave your house.

With the video's happy-go-lucky musical soundtrack, you will be very unprepared for the PSA's non-cliche conclusion, which attempts to send the message that kids should stay committed to their education — and basically, should never skip school. According to the video, the results can be pretty extreme if you even think about faking sick for an afternoon tanning by the waves. The results will definitely shock you.

Watch the PSA video here (and please note, this is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who has trouble watching gore):

Image: HenryandAaron/YouTube