Are Kristen & Aleks Still Together After 'Vanderpump Rules'? That Ship Has Sailed

I've been so happy to see Kristen Doute moving on from her relationship with James Kennedy on this season of Vanderpump Rules. However, as a huge fan of Below Deck, I may be a little biased since her relationship with former cast member Aleks Taldykin has injected a little bit of yachtie life into the SUR-vers' drama. But have Kristen and Aleks broken up since Vanderpump Rules stopped filming? Unfortunately, yes — after just a brief shanty on the seas of love, this reality star couple is no more. But fear not for the Vanderpump Rules star. As reported by Us Weekly, Kristen has a new boyfriend, photographer Brian Carter, so after her initial post-James rebound, she fell into what seems like a pretty serious new relationship.

Overall, it seems like Kristen just dated Aleks during summer 2015, when Vanderpump Rules was filming. In an interview with Bravo, Kristen said she was friends with Aleks before things briefly got romantic between the two. Extra points to the sailor for waiting until Kristen was single before making a move. But while Aleks and Kristen might not be dating anymore, they remain pretty friendly on Twitter. Just a few days ago, both were joking about rumors that Aleks was married. They seem to have a good sense of humor about the fact that they briefly dated.

But, while Captain Aleks might have been a fantastic summer fling for Kristen, their relationship was never meant to last, since he didn't manage to pass the most important hurdle in a new relationship: the Instagram test. I'm serious! No pics of Kristen and Aleks graced her IG page this summer, and yet at what must have been pretty early on in her relationship with Brian, he can be spotted in a group picture with the rest of the Pump crew (and Vince Vaughn).

Sadly for those who were hoping for a Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck crossover series, Kristen and Aleks' brief relationship is over. But even though the two broke up, they do remain friends and Kristen's new relationship with Carter seems great. And you know what, seeing as not quite everyone in the VR and BD casts have settled down just yet, maybe there's still hope that the crossover will happen. I mean, Captain Aleks recently worked with Rocky Dakota. Throw Jax in there, and I sense some real TV potential.

Image: Nicole Weingart/Bravo