'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Images Allow Us to Imagine What Happens In Specific Scenes

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Alright, Game of Thrones fans: Season 4 of the hit HBO fantasy epic is nearing closer with every passing day. And with each day a new insight, photo, promo, or the like is revealed to us, further opening the scope of what's to come in the sure-to-be action-packed and hyper-dramatic season. With the release of new Game of Thrones Season 4 images, though, we've been placed right in the action of the forthcoming episodes, but without any of the context. Which left us with questions that I am here to not-at-all answer for you.

Which is totally unfair, right? Never afraid of pulling a Tim Gunn and making it work, though, we've taken it upon ourselves to fill in the blanks for you by setting the scenes and crafting the most logical dialogue we could think of for the images.

Because we want you to be as prepared for the upcoming season as possible — and we care. Unlike George R.R. Martin, who just keeps throwing new, interesting characters at us for the sole purpose of emotional destruction down the line when you're forced to watch them gruesomely die, right at the moment you've grown fond of them. So click through for some nearly spoiler-free context.

Images: HBO

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