The One Makeup Rule You Should Always Follow

by Emily McClure

The world of beauty can seem completely overwhelming. With so many different makeup tutorials and trends out there, how is anyone supposed to know what to do? Well, after chatting with Banana Republic's key makeup artist, Sarah Lucero, backstage at New York Fashion Week, I discovered that there is only one makeup rule that we all need to be following. And honestly? It's super simple. According to Lucero, women need to pay more attention to the color wheel when applying their makeup. "If you want your makeup to look more polished, tied together, and effortless, then wear similarly toned colors. It's a harmonious flow that makes sense with color. It goes back to color theory and the color wheel." Well, those art classes were totally worth it.

Lucero tells me that this rule is integral for lip and cheek colors as well as smoky eyes. "If you always keep your cheek and lip in the same [cool or warm] color family, then you'll always look modern. Where you get into trouble is when you do a peachy cheek with a more pink, babydoll lip or vice versa." Got it — so, no bronze cheeks with pale pink lips either. What I love about this trick is that it's perfect for beauty gurus and lazy girls alike. All you have to do is reach for the same colors when applying your makeup! Apparently, when it comes to choosing colors, opposites don't always attract. So, what does this top makeup artist recommend for pulling off the beauty rule? Here are a few of Sarah Lucero's favorite products below.

1. An All In One Palette

Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette - Sunrise Splendor, $39,

What better way to coordinate your lip and cheek colors then by using all-in-one cream products? It's so easy.

2. A Color Correcting Kit

Stila Correct & Perfect Palette, $45,

Want a supermodel-esque complexion? Lucero used this palette during New York Fashion Week to give the Banana Republic models their perfected look.

3. A Deep Red Lippy

Stila Color Balm Lipstick In Natasha, $22,

The Banana Republic models sported a gorgeous red lip during the A/W 2016 show. This deep crimson has neutral undertones, so it goes well with any other makeup. Goodbye, guesswork!

Images: Courtesy Brands