Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words and Instagram is proof of that. As a new user, the platform may seem overwhelming so the best place to start is with the suggested user list. Then, try doing a simple search for broad hashtags like #travel or #travelphotography. For a fast track into the best travel content available, these 10 Instagrammers are a good starting point for any user looking to stimulate her wanderlust.

by Megan Eileen McDonough


You’ve probably seen some of Murad’s work since he’s gotten a lot of press lately. All of his images depict his girlfriend, model Nataly Zakharova, leading him through gorgeous locales like Rome, New York, Paris, and other fabulous places we all dream of visiting.


This account posts exactly what one might expect…lots and lots of pics of wonderful locations from around the world. This is perfect for those who appreciate vibrant landscapes with an almost mystical appeal. Since this account is a collaborative one, if you tag a photo with #wonderful_places, yours might just get reposted.


Vaggelis Fragkakis aka vagfrag is the Editor-at-large for Athens|Greece so clearly he has an eye for style. While Athens is often depicted as an ancient city, Vaggelis brings it to the modern age by posting mainly street photography with interesting filters.


Mehmet Sert is an Istanbul-based photographer who gives his followers a glimpse into the stunning white sand beaches of the Turkish islands. This may be home for Mehmet, but it’s paradise for everyone else. His feed will definitely make you want to book a beach vacation ASAP.


As a travel blogger myself, I’ve been following husband and wife duo Dave and Deb for three years and counting. They’ve literally traveled everywhere and had some pretty unreal adventures. Their account will probably make you daydream about a road trip with your boyfriend/girlfriend stat.


Mattias, a Sweden-based photographer, has a really unique approach to artistic expression. Some of his photos veer toward something you’d see in a glossy fashion magazine while others play around with color and light in the most innovative ways.


Following National Geographic’s Instagram account may seem like a no-brainer but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Their photos cover everything from animal close-ups to small town life in the farthest corners of the globe.


After leaving his design job at Ralph Lauren about two years ago, Foster Huntington has been spending much of his time making his followers green with envy. He’s been traveling across the country in a Volkswagen, posting mostly surf and outdoor pictures along the way.


Wattsabi sure knows how to capture a moment and freeze it in time. I get the sense that they must wait hours for the perfect shot, but I have no idea if that’s the case. Regardless, these photos will make you more aware of the small details that transform ordinary objects into things truly beautiful.


Having traveled with Kirsten Alana myself, I saw firsthand how much focus she puts into every shot. What’s great about this account, besides the photos obviously, is that there’s always a story behind every post and it allows the user to feel part of the experience.