Jennifer Lopez Skipped The 2016 Grammys

If there's one person who continuously serves up style in the most glamorous way possible and refuses to age, it's the one and only J Lo. Jennifer Lopez wasn't on the Grammys 2016 red carpet, so we can only dream about what her outfit might have been. However, given that Lopez just wrapped up the first leg of a Vegas show, is starring in the TV drama Shades of Blue, and is a judge on the final season of American Idol, which is going on right now, it's no surprise that Lopez a little busy. Oh, and she's also a mom of twins. Yeah — she's pretty busy. According to her Instagram, Lopez was busy celebrating Valentine's Day, promoting Shades of Blue, and advertising for American Idol. A Grammys red carpet stroll probably simply didn't fit into her busy schedule.

My personal guess is that everyone who did walk the red carpet is a little relieved that J Lo didn't make an appearance because, let's be honest, it's a little hard to compete with Lopez in any fashion arena, let alone the Grammys red carpet of all things. Because, yes, she has definitely dominated in the past. Need some proof? Let's just remember the below moment, shall we?

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Like I said. But, alas, no belly-button baring gowns for J Lo tonight. Instead, she's going about her business as usual, but I'm sure we won't have to wait long to see her on a red carpet. She is J Lo, after all. In the meantime, we'll all just have to check out her Instagram posts.

A happy Valentine's day with J Lo and company.

You can always catch her on Shades of Blue, of course!

...or American Idol.