Miley Cyrus Gives Justin Bieber Advice on 'Jay Leno' & We Kinda Agree With Her Logic


Too often, Miley Cyrus' twerking, nudity, and other controversies overshadow two facts: she's really talented, and she's really funny. During her appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Miley Cyrus gave Jay Leno her advice for Justin Bieber. She may not be considered the best person to give the struggling 19-year-old pointers, but Cyrus was actually dead on, in my opinion.

Preach, girl. Nothing wrong with partying at your own house, Biebs. Just as long as there are no eggs in the fridge. Leno asked if Cyrus could relate, or if there was anything she did as a teenager that she regrets.

Cyrus clarified:

Legal and keeping it in the house! Cyrus also revealed one of the things that makes her mother, Tish, upset. Apparently, Tish isn't the biggest fan of Cyrus sticking her tongue out in nearly every photo, and Cyrus knows it — and it doesn't sound like she's stopping anytime soon.

Start twerking, duh.

You can watch Cyrus' interview with Leno below: