You Can Now Brush With Chocolate

It's a little too soon for April Fools, but dental hygiene company Crest has us scratching our heads with their latest release: chocolate toothpaste. It’s either the best or worst unlikely pairing to hit our pharmacy's aisles. They're not joking — Procter & Gamble introduced a new line called "Crest: Be," with flavors like Mint Chocolate Trek, Lime Spearmint Zest and Vanilla Mint Spark.

Brushing your teeth isn't exactly the most thrilling of activities, but will the promise of sweet, sweet chocolate have people leaping out of bed each morning, running to their bathroom sinks to get a taste? Let's be real, we seriously doubt it. But P&G, Crest's parent company, says the toothpaste flavors are meant for brushers looking for "experimental purchases." (Um...) A tagline on the company's website for Mint Chocolate Trek reads, "Daredevils, have we got a surprise for you."

Toothpaste really isn't one of those things that most people want to be reckless with, but Crest insists the new tastes won't affect the product's cleaning powers. Each flavor will still have the same effectiveness in terms of cavity protection, fresh breath, and whitening. So what can you expect from the chocolate blend? The company says it'll be a "rich, creamy cocoa flavor that provides an indulgent and decadent experience." Oral hygiene is getting classy.

P&G representatives say they're just giving people what they want.

"Crest is always looking at trends to develop products that give consumers a unique yet effective experience,” says Rishi Dhingra, Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble.

Chocolate does have its benefits, but the reaction from toothpaste consumers seems to be mixed. After releasing the new ads on the company's Facebook page, Crest received comments from excited fans saying they wanted samples, while others weren't too keen on the new offerings. One dissenter thought it was unimaginable and ruined the balance of life, saying, "That's just not right u brush ur teeth after eating that stuff now they want people to clean their teeth with it." Another said the ingredients were better on their own: "Love chocolate. Love brushing my teeth. Do not love this combo."

It's not the company's first foray into unorthodox flavors. In 2003, Crest introduced Cinnamon Rush, Fresh Citrus Breeze, and Extreme Herbal Mint, promoted by Chef Emeril Lagasse. The recently announced line will be available starting the first week of February. But remember: no matter how sweet or savory, the labels still warn you to not eat the toothpaste.