BTS At 'Hamilton's Grammys Performance Gives Fans A First Look At Their Rehearsal — PHOTOS

Talk about the room where it happens — the Hamilton Grammys performance hasn't even happened yet, but the audience who was invited to the Richard Rodgers Theater is pumped. While waiting for the simulcast to begin, the people onstage and in the audience have hit social media with their excitement. How could they not, with TV cameras, rehearsals, and Stephen Colbert there to introduce the show? This is a special moment for musical theater fans everywhere, and I'm glad we're getting a peek inside.

They're just performing the opening number from the show, not a medley or the whole thing (but get ready for everyone to tweet things like, "KEEP GOING" and "what if they just kept going tho" as soon as the performance is over). This is just a taste of the historical hit. Still, this is Hamilton's biggest audience yet, and on live television anything can happen. You can feel the positive energy bursting through Twitter, seriously.

Here are some of the best tweets and pictures from all of the lucky people in New York City ready for this short, yet epic show from behind the scenes. They were all invited by the cast and crew, so you just know that the love is flowing from those seats. How lucky they are!