The Sound Cuts Out During Adele's Grammys Performance, She Continues Like A Trooper

Adele's performance unfortunately didn't go so smoothly during the 2016 Grammys. The sound messed up during Adele's Grammys performance of "All I Ask," leaving her with an awkward performance that was not at all her fault and sadly, ended up being a rare miss for what has to be a near perfect performance record for the singer. I don't know about you, but I watch Adele performance videos on YouTube on repeat, and I'm sad to say this one won't make the cut at my next viewing. According to the Associated Press, "a CBS spokesperson confirmed there was a five-to-eight second technical issue with the broadcast, adding without elaboration that it was outside the network's control."

The problems started immediately, when the guitar for the performance seemed to be too loud, overtaking the sound of both the piano and Adele's singing. Then, the sound of the instruments briefly cut out completely. Once it came back, things still didn't seem to be going as planned when it came to the sound editing. Of course, problems happen, it's just a bummer when they happen during one of the most anticipated performances of the night from one of the best vocalists in the room.

It's hard to know what Adele could hear versus what viewers could heart at home, but she did seem to have a bit of an awkward look on her face and her voice wasn't quite where it usually is. That said, she really pushed through and even a slightly thrown off Adele is still extremely talented.

I think this Twitter user summed it up perfectly: