Taylor Swift Cried In The 2016 Grammys Audience & Selena Gomez Proved Just How Good Of A Friend She Is — VIDEO

Taylor Swift opened the 2016 Grammys with a killer performance of "Out of the Woods," but it looks like she may have gotten a little emotional later on. In a short clip of the audience around the time the awards show started, Taylor Swift appears to be crying at the Grammys while seatmate/bestie/Grammys date Selena Gomez comforts her. What's the deal?

In the video, posted by everyone's favorite Twitter account Shady Music Facts, Swift is seen speaking to Gomez with a concerned look on her face as she wipes what appears to be a tear from her eye. However, it's not clear what the situation is, so one shouldn't make any assumptions about it — yes, Swift is shown (worriedly, or at least hurriedly) talking to Gomez and she does put a finger up to her face to wipe something from her eye, but that's about all we can take away here from the video provided. Sure, maybe Swift was bummed and emotional and potentially had a stray tear falling down her face... or maybe she had a clump of mascara in her eye. Or, maybe she wasn't crying at all and just looked a little stressed. While I can't make out what she's saying (I fail at reading lips, apparently), though, her body language does look a little sad, and Gomez's telling head rest on her shoulder looks like a move to comfort her.

Honestly, that's what we should be focusing on — how Gomez responded to her friend. It's not clear what the situation depicted in the clip is, but Gomez comforting Swift so sweetly totally proves how amazing a friend she is. If you weren't convinced they were #squadgoals before, then you absolutely should be now.