When Cinderella Takes To Tinder

by Allie Healy

Thought you were too old to relate to Disney movies? Think again. In this College Humor video "Tinderella: A Modern Love Story," our darling Cinderella, who once donned a magnificent powder blue dress and was delightfully greeted by woodland creatures every morning, is now looking for love by mindlessly swiping away at the popular dating app, Tinder.

While we all know Tinder is often used for one-night stands, even though the creator doesn't believe so, who would have thought that the innocent and gentle Cindy would be looking for someone to hook up with? In the video, she browses away at her phone until her charming "Princeton" appears on her screen. And to her luck, he's less than a mile away. They proceed to text each other in a painfully direct manner, and then decide to meet at local club "The Ball" (get it??).

Then the inevitable happens (or at least to me almost every time I go out) — Cinderella's phone battery dies in the midst of her hot pursuit. Will they find each other? Will they find love? Spoiler alert: there is a happy ending. Just maybe not the one you remember from watching the Disney classic as a kid.

Image: College Humor