More Kylie Lip Kit Shades Are Coming

In honor of Valentine's Day, Kylie Jenner released another round of her Lip Kits, which sold out just as fast as the first two rounds. If you were too busy eating a box of chocolate or spending the day with your significant other, there's still time to get your hands on one of the six fabulous shades — or possibly nine. Will Kylie Jenner release more Lip Kit colors? According to a post by Jenner, there are definitely more shades on the way.

It's time to get excited, because Kylie Lip Kits are expanding. Jenner posted a picture with her friend Jordan Woods saying that she may or may not be wearing a new Lip Kit color in the image. She's not one to jerk her fans around, so this is serious business. The color is a brighter shade of red than her Mary Jo K and is absolutely beautiful. Although her first red looks great on a lot of different skin tones, not everyone wants to rock such a bold shade every day. I can't wait to see what other two colors she pairs with the hue!

Unlike the launch of her original Lip Kits, Jenner has done a great job of restocking the products so that everyone who wants one has a chance to own them. This could very well be because of her decision to create an entire makeup line instead of just a few Lip Kits, which means more products, looks, and definitely more colors for her liquid lipsticks.

According to an Instagram post by Kylie Cosmetics, there will be another Kylie Lip Kit restock coming soon, but there hasn't been any talk of the new shades until Jenner's recent photo. The star shared a bunch of pictures of herself covered in cartoonish thought bubbles to promote her surprise Valentine's Day launch, and one of them held a clue to when there would be more Lip Kits coming.

OK, so it doesn't say exactly when there will be more, but it's good to know they're working to get them back in stock. The previous release dates and times have been a surprise to her fans, so I doubt Jenner is just going to spell it all out for us.

Speaking of surprises, Jenner has been working on more makeup products that she's chosen to keep under wraps. According to the Kylie Cosmetics site, she is working on a full makeup line that give the perfect "Kylie look." There's no word on what the top secret products are, but I'm willing to bet that it involves lots of lashes and a slight bronzed glow that she's been rocking lately.

It's nice to know that more Lip Kits are on the way while we wait for her other beauty creations!