Who Is Susie Mclean's Ex-Husband Rod Butterss? The 'Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Couple Has A Tough Past

Well, friends, it's time for Season 3 of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne to grace us with delicious drama and delightful Australian accents. The Down Under addition to the Real Housewives franchise is entering its third season and bringing on a new cast member along with it. Susie McLean, a prominent Melbourne socialite has joined the cast, and her arrival promises to add some serious drama to an already fiery cast. Since the name of the show indicates these women are or have once been married, who is Susie's ex-husband Rod Butterss?

According to news.com.au, in February of 2009, Susie married Rod, who, at the time, was the Australian St Kilda Football Club president. These two then divorced five months later. In 2014, Rod opened up to the Sunday Herald Sun about his 10-year struggle with alcoholism which he said aided in his marriage ending. "I was an alcoholic so it played a role in every decision I made," he told the paper. "It is steeped in denial and embarrassing and one of the most important things I had to learn was to ask for help."

Fortunately he was able to ask for help, and, as of that 2014 Sunday Herald Sun interview, he was five years sober.

Mark Dadswell/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Although their marriage ended, Rod and Susie don't seem to have any ill will towards each other. In 2015, the Australian Daily Telegraph reported that Susie said the two of them just "met at the wrong time." The aforementioned Herald Sun article reported Rod having similar feelings about the demise of their relationship. "I didn’t understand what happened with the marriage, I didn’t get it," he told the paper. "I do now."

Susie also commented on Rod's alcoholism to The Daily Telegraph. "Rod's not drinking anymore though and it has changed his life," she said. "He's a completely different person." So, while the pair is no longer together, it seems she has nothing but good wishes for him as he continues his recovery. And, we'll get to learn even more about her and her past come Sunday on RHOMelbourne.