The Werewolf Diet: Detox to the Lunar Cycle!

The New York Daily News is reporting this week on something called the "Werewolf Diet," which involves timing juice cleanses to correspond with lunar cycles. What? This howls of faux-trend to me (sorry, couldn't resist), but let's play along anyway. I'm not one to miss a chance to gawk at weird, media-created diet fads.

Also known as the "lunar diet" or "moon diet," it's apparently been followed by stars such as Demi Moore and Madonna — who have both been reported to be on every fad diet in history. The "basic version" promises six pounds weight loss in 24 hours, according to the Daily News. But this can only happen during a new or full moon.

In other words: Pure nonsense. You can't hydrate yourself into some sort of lunar-powered weight loss machine — and you don't need to. Your body loses water weight any time you start taking in less calories (no all-liquid diets or gravitational pull required). It also detoxes just fine on its own. And for boosting immune strength, a diet filled with whole, natural foods will do the job, without an all juice "cleanse."

But there are a few good things to come out of the werewolf diet, such as an introduction to the word "lycanthrope." Apparently that is a very fancy way of saying werewolf. You're welcome. And also, a chance to share this beautiful Reductress post: "Woman Admits to Knowing Nothing About Moon, In Spite of Being a Woman."

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