What Your Hogwarts House Is, Based On Your Zodiac

by Sadie Trombetta

From your personal preferences to the qualities you value the most, there are a lot of factors that go into determining your Hogwarts house. But how would things turn out if you were sorted into your Hogwarts house based on your Zodiac sign? You might think you're a Hufflepuff at heart, but the stars might have something different to say about that.

When you think about it, Hogwarts houses and zodiac signs do very similar things: They break people into groups and give each one a set of shared personality traits and characteristics. It's a well-known fact that Hufflepuffs value hard work and dedication, where as Gryffindors admire cunning and resourcefulness. When it comes to zodiac signs, Aries are notorious for their tempers and praised for their courageousness, while Libras have a tendency to be indecisive but make up for it with their charm. Although no two people are exactly the same, zodiac signs and Hogwarts houses do tend to be accurate when describing the members of their groups, which is why I can get away with my constant day dreaming (I can't help it, I'm a Pisces) and my love of books and learning (I'm a Ravenclaw at heart).

The truth is, your Hogwarts house has everything to do with the kind of person you are and not when you were born, but you can still get a pretty good idea about sorting based on astrology. Here are the Hogwarts houses determined by Zodiac sign — is it what you wanted it to be?

1. Aries


Independent, competitive, but, above all, courageous, Aries belong in Gryffindor. Your adventurous spirit and confidence are perfect matches for Gryffindor's legacy of brave and true member of the house, and you'd feel right at home alongside a group of witches and wizards as tough and outgoing as you.

2. Taurus


Some people call you persistent, others might use the word stubborn, but either way, dear Taurus, your bull-headedness belongs in Hufflepuff. A house that admires hard work and dedication, Hufflepuff would be a great place for the patient, determined, and reliable heart of a Taurus.

3. Gemini


Witty and inquisitive, Geminis would feel right at home in the Slytherin dungeon. Like some of the houses famous members, including Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, Geminis are more than what they appear to be, and have many layers to them. Cunning and eloquent, the snake is the perfect symbol to wrap around Gemini's twins.

4. Cancer


Imaginative and intuitive Cancers will fit in alongside the intelligent members of the Ravenclaw house. Though they can be emotional at times, Cancers don't let their feelings get in the way of their shrewd decision making, thus making them ideal candidates for the house who values intelligence and knowledge above all else.

5. Leo


A lion will always be a lion, whether it's on their astrological calendar or their house's flag, which means Leos are meant to be Gryffindors. Faithful, loving, and true, Leos and Gryffindors are one in the same. And, like all lions, Leos can be a bit pompous or bossy, but that just means they'll fit into the house even better.

6. Libra


The charming and sociable Libra could find no better house away from home than Hufflepuff, a group that outs family, friends, and love before everything else. The Libra may be gullible and easy to influence, but in Hufflepuff, they won't have to worry about anyone trying to take advantage of their kind heart.

7. Scorpio


Like so many famous Slytherins, Scorpios have an undeniable charm and magnetism that make them the ideal fit for the house of green and silver. Determined, smart, and passionate people, Scorpios would thrive around other ambitious and resourceful Slytherins who care about the same thing as they do: success.

8. Virgo


Virgos are practical thinkers who at times may be meticulous, but it's only because they want everything to be done the right way. Ravenclaws can empathize with that, which is why Virgos would be a great match for the house.

9. Sagittarius


Sagittariuses and Hufflepuffs are great to be around for the same reason: they're loving, peaceful, honest people, and they belong in the same group together. As a member of the Hufflepuff house, a Sagittarius's optimism (though sometimes blind) will be nurtured instead of tainted, and their jovial spirit will only grow.

10. Capricorn


Another ambitious sign, Capricorns are driven to success, and Slytherin. Practical, prudent, and disciplined, Capricorns will find like-minded people in Slytherin who can help them achieve their goals. While Capricorns may be pessimistic at times, but they're dark moods will fit with the dungeon decor of their new house.

11. Aquarius


Like any good Gyffindor should be, Aquariuses are loyal and honest. Although they might fit well into Hufflepuff because of their originality and friendly nature, Gryffindor is where they'll succeed in finding their nerve and embrace their independence.

12. Pisces


Pisces are know for their imagination, sensitivity, and compassion, so you might not automatically sort them into a house that admires knowledge and wit first and foremost. Ravenclaw, however, makes a great home for Pisces who intuitive nature and creativity can lead to deeper levels of understanding.

Images: Warner Bros.; Wikimedia (12)