'The Voice' Chairs Must Be Fans Of Xtina's Videos

by Kristie Rohwedder

On the final day of this fine month, a Carson Daly-hosted singing competition show will welcome a certain vocal powerhouse back to the row of spinning thrones for yet another batch of Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockout Rounds, and Whatever New Rounds The Show Might Throw At Us. Just as NBC promised, original coach Christina Aguilera will be on The Voice Season 10. YESSSS. I am stoked. And I know my roommate is stoked. And I know other Xtina fans are stoked. And I'm 99% sure four certain pieces of The Voice stage are stoked.

...What do I mean by "four certain pieces of the The Voice stage are stoked"? *Takes deep breath.* OK, have you buckled your seatbelt? Is your seat upright? Is your tray table up? Because we are about to blast off to Weird Town. Here it is: I have reason to believe the The Voice chairs are very big fans of Xtina and her videography.

Wait. WAIT. Don't go. Let me explain first.

Why and how did I reach the conclusion that four seemingly insentient pieces of furniture are Xtina stans? It took me five years to have this epiphany, but here it is: The red, rotating, high back seats appear to be paying homage to several Christina Aguilera music video moments. And yeah, I have some pieces of evidence that support this hypothesis. Let's get to it.

1. The Spinning Chair In "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"

If you told me the The Voicechairs were inspired by the blue chair at the beginning of this iconic music video, I wouldn't question you for a second.

2. The Red Motorcycle Jacket & Pants In "Dirrty"

If you told me the The Voice chairs were inspired by this red, white, and black motorcycle ensemble, I wouldn't question you for a second.

3. The Red Leather Car Upholstery In "Keeps Gettin' Better"

If you told me the The Voice chairs were actually the seats in that convertible, I wouldn't question you for a second.

4. The Flash Of Red Light In "Fighter"

"What if we paid tribute to the 'Fighter' music video by incorporating giant bursts of light into the show?" I imagine one of the The Voice chairs asking the other three. "I don't know, maybe it could happen when the coaches press the button during the the Blind Audition round? It's either that or moths."

5. The Red Corset In "Lady Marmalade"

I've always said the The Voice chairs were the crimson corsets of the furniture world.

6. The Deliberate Button Click In "Your Body"

Yeah, this video debuted after first two seasons of The Voice premiered,but rumor has it that the big red buttons attached to each of the The Voice chairs chant "Be Like The Computer Mouse From The 'Your Body' Music Video" before each episode taping.

7. The Red Staircase In "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"

If this isn't the The Voice stage's aesthetic, then I am actually a chair.

8. The Red Fur-Trimmed Pantsuit In "My Kind Of Christmas" (From The My ReflectionConcert DVD)

Sadly, the The Voice chairs are not covered in faux fur.

9. The Red Hair In "Candyman"

The color choice might be a subtle nod to this vid.

10. The Red Lowlights In "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"

Or maybe it's a subtle nod to this vid? (Or both?)

11. The Theme Of Physically Turning Around In The Song "I Turn To You"

Get it? GET IT?

The verdict: The The Voice chairs are the biggest Xtina stans on the planet.

Images: CAguileraVEVO/YouTube (10); nbcthevoice/tumblr