Calendula Recipes That Are Super Easy to Make

Marigolds may not be high on the list of exotic flowers, but the healing oil that comes from the flower started making an impact on natural skin remedies centuries ago. Used primarily as an herbal medicine, marigold aka calendula oil can be a source of healing and protecting for your beauty needs. Calendula oil is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and has anti-inflammatory properties for your skin and hair to soak up.

According to, the healing properties of calendula have been undergone clinical testing in tropical climates and have shown to speed up the healing process of blemishes and acne scars. Unlike many topical treatments for acne sufferers, calendula oil is soothing and keeps skin soft while you treat unwanted scars or pimples, this means you won't be drying out your skin while you're fighting acne. One of the reasons calendula is excellent for acne is because of the mild anti-viral properties that cleanse the skin from free radicals and bacteria.

The benefits of the beautiful flower can come from the oil, which is super easy to find at your local vitamin or herbal medicine store, or you can use dried calendula flowers and have yourself some extra exfoliating properties. These recipes below will keep your skin soft and calm no matter the weather.

1. Coconut & Calendula Body Wash

If you're suffering from dry skin on the regular, chances are your body wash could be drying out your skin. Luckily, both coconut milk and calendula oil have substantial cleansing properties and, of course, are very moisturizing. I infused a fresh batch of coconut milk with calendula oil to make a nourishing body wash I can use every day.

2. Rose Honey Calendula Face Wash

This face wash is gentle enough for daily use and gentle enough to fall in love with. Just use two tablespoons of raw honey, one tablespoon of rose water and half a teaspoon of calendula oil. Your face will definitely thank you.

3. Calendula Face Serum

To get some added moisture and soothing properties while you sleep, add a few drops of bergamot to calendula oil for a revitalizing night serum you thought only existed in your dreams.

4. Calendula Face Tonic

Whether you like a facial spritz to hydrate your skin throughout the day or your toning needs are fulfilled after you cleanse, a simple batch of calendula tea can make a great toner or spritz. Infuse your filtered water with fresh calendula tea to keep your skin soft and even.

5. Calendula Hair Rinse

Speaking of healing, let's talk about the wear and tear on our scalp while we detangle, wash, and manipulate our tresses into various styles. I make a calendula tonic for my hair to drink up the healing and anti-inflammatory properties and ensure my scalp remains healthy enough for new growth!

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (6)