Getting A Kylie Lip Kit Was An Emotional Ride

Finally. After what felt like a makeup maven's eternity, my much koveted Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K arrived and I will tell you this much. I want to wear it. Every. Single. Day. Remember, this is coming from someone who still pledges allegiance to lip gloss and thinks, "The shinier, the better." But I don't mind shaking things up a bit and going for a velvety matte lip. I am keeping Candy securely tucked in my Alexander Wang Rockie bag because I don't want to lose it. Not because I paid $29, plus shipping charges, either. I just love it so much and went through an emotional ringer to finally land Candy K. Therefore, I don't want to lose it or part with it until the tube is empty.

Even then I will use one of those Swoon tools to scrape out every last drop of this matte mouth magic.

I know, my reactions to my Kylie Lip Kit are extreme and even a little crazy. Okay, make that a lot crazy. But I spent months writing about the Season 1 launch, the colors, the restocks, Season 2, and the various teasers, tips, tricks, and hints. I spent so much digital ink on Kylie Lip Kits that I needed some tactile and tangible proof of their existence. It was only fair.

Here are the nine emotional stages I went through regarding my Kylie Lip Kit, which I actually ordered and purchased, as opposed to receiving a press sample.

1. The "OMG, My Order Went Through!" Stage

I tried placing my order on a whim, thinking it would never work. But it did. I was elated. I tried to log on again and order another, but I was shut out. Still, I squealed with joy, alarming those seated nearby.

2. The "Waiting Game" Stage

This was the agonizing part. As I watched the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram feed fill with photos of shoppers posting about their just-received Lip Kits, I impatiently waited for mine. I signed up for USPS tracking. I emailed customer service about my shipping status. I had to learn patience.

3. The "Instant Grat" Stage

Once my order arrived at my post office, I retrieved it and didn't even wait to get home to test it. I put it on in my car. I had waited long enough. Plus, there was some natural lighting.

4. The "It Smells Flowery" Stage

As soon as I painted it on my pout, I was hit with the floral smell. I didn't hate it and it wasn't overwhelming. It just... was.

5. The "This Feels Like Eye Shadow On My Lips" Stage

The KLKs have a cream-to-powder texture. The lipstick goes on wet but then dries as soon as it hits your lips. It is featherweight, like a wash of eye shadow, but for your lips. It's not cakey, flaky, or clumpy.

6. The "This Looks Like Microfiber On My Lips" Stage

The consistency reminded me of microfiber. It was smooth and velvety, but not heavy or uncomfortably clingy.

7. The "This Stuff Lasts" Stage

If I needed any justification for spending nearly $40 on a lip liner and liquid lipstick, including shipping, I got it when the Lip Kit lasted through a Venti Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher and a kiss from my bulldog. There was hardly any transference. It didn't budge.

8. The "I Wish This Was More Pink So I Am Going To Order Koko K Next" Stage

I love the rosy nude of Candy K, but I was expecting her to be more pink in hue. So I am going to hope the makeup fairies are with me on the next restock so that I can order Koko K.

9. The "This Is My New Favorite Lip Product" Stage

The verdict is in. My Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K is my new favorite lip product.

I want to grab Koko K and maybe even Posie K. I am ready to do this all over again, Kylie!

Images: Amy Sciarretto (10)