Here's Why Kylie Jenner's Rocking Short Nails

by Kali Borovic

Another day, another trend for this girl. Kylie Jenner has given up long nails, according to an interview with Allure and the reason is actually pretty down-to-Earth. Her long, always heavily decorated nails were definitely entertaining, but she's moving on. Jenner always had the craziest and most bedazzled nails out of all her sisters, but lately it's been all about going short.

In an interview with Allure's Kristie Dash, she revealed that said she gave up her long nails because they were "weird," which makes complete sense if you ask me. She's been favoring a more natural beauty look recently, and shorter nails fall in line with that aesthetic. "I just realized how weird long nails were on me. Like, adding length to your nails just seems weird," Jenner told Allure. "And once you have short nails like these, I feel like even this is long and I need to cut them down."

What makes Jenner so great is she doesn't follow trends, she just wears what feels right to her. That's part of what makes her a trendsetter in her own right.

She also told Dash that there are a few upsides to her not having long nails anymore — like having a way easier time applying face creams, rather than digging them out of the jar like a shovel, which is pretty gross. "It's a lot of fun. I love it. I will just keep putting it on because it's just so much fun. Same with moisturizer."

She's not ditching the manicure altogether, though. According to Cosmopolitan, Jenner credits her mom for her interest in nail polish, even when she didn't want anything to do with the beauty trend.

"My mom, Kendall, and I would go [to the salon]. After a while, we refused, so she had someone come to the house," Jenner said. "But now I look back and I'm like, 'Ugh, why would I ever hate getting my nails done?' It just makes you feel put together and is another form of self-expression for me, so now I know why my mom had us do that."

If it weren't for Kris Jenner we might not be blessed with Kylie's collaboration with Sinful Colors.

Jenner might have given up on the long nail trend, but it was good while it lasted. The 18-year-old rocked everything from Barbie-inspired talons to simple colors. Here's a few of her best nail looks form back in the day.

1. Matching Her Locks

She sported light blue hair and nails all at the same time.

2. Neutral Hue

Neutral shades look fabulous on Jenner.

3. Bedazzled Barbie

This is by far one of her most intricate nail designs. Don't ever say she never went all-out!

4. Coordinated

There's no better feeling than you and your friends all having the same nail color.

5. Chunky Glitter

Shining bright like the star she is.

6. Bright Purple

As great as she looked in neutral colors, no hue can beat these bright purple nails.

7. Pastel Yellow

She could honestly rock any color and pull it off.

8. Metallic

This is for sure one of her boldest nail colors yet.

9. Baby Pink Everything

Because there's nothing more fabulous than having matching nails and accessories.

10. Neon Nails

Jenner went from pastel to neon overnight and rocked it all.

11. Accessories

How fabulous is this?!

While the long nails did look fabulous on Jenner, it's time to move on!