What Is Frankie Jonas Doing Now? The Bonus Jonas Is All Grown Up & Shaving His Eyebrows — PHOTOS

If the phrase "The Bonus Jonas" means something to you, you probably remember Frankie Jonas, the youngest Jonas Brother and the JoBro who was not actually in the band. Despite not being an ~official~ Jonas Brother (TM) in the sense that he wasn't in the group, Frankie still made a name for himself at the height of JoBros fame, voicing a character in the 2009 animated film Ponyo and acting alongside his older brothers in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and Jonas L.A., for which he won a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Breakout Star. With Kevin, Joe, and Nick all off doing their own things (whether that's being a tech-savvy doting dad, frontman in DNCE, or sultry, ab-baring crooner of "Jealous"), it's only natural to wonder: What is Frankie Jonas doing now?

If the Frankie you remember is the hyperactive, round-faced little boy, just know that things are a bit different for the Frankie Jonas of 2016. Like literally every other human on this earth, Frankie has grown up (shocker!) and is now 15 and pretty much an Instagram hipster. He made headlines back in December for his Paper magazine photo shoot, looking decidedly different than the cherub-cheeked Disney star fans remember from back in the day. And there's more where that came from — check out what Frankie Jonas is up to now.

He Has That Double-Shaved Eyebrow Look

This is a trend and Frankie Jonas is on top of it.

He Reads Frankie Jonas Fan Fiction

"Sometimes when I'm bored, I read Frankie Jonas fan fiction," he told Paper magazine in 2015. "More often than not it gets pretty weird."

He's Really Into Comic-Con

Also, I'm getting really strong Kevin vibes here.

He's A High School Student Set To Graduate in 2016

When asked for his biggest plans of 2016, Frankie told Paper mag: "I plan to graduate and move far, far away." He also takes pictures next to urinals.

But He Cleans Up Nicely

The JoBros wasted no time in flaunting their little bro's photo shoot for the world to see, with Nick, Joe, and Kevin all sharing the Paper mag photo of Frankie on Twitter.

And Of Course, He's Still Close With His Brothers

Bonus Jonas no more — Frankie Jonas is just a regular Jonas brother now.