12 Reasons Jazz Was the Most Popular Unpopular Character On 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an American classic. It's one of those rare shows where every single character had their time to shine, and every single character added something special to the show. Whether it was Carlton's lovable nerdiness or Hilary's intense ego, there was something for everyone to relate to. And one of the most relatable characters was Jazz, despite the fact that he was underappreciated in and out of the Fresh Prince universe. Something about Jazz made his character so popular, even, though on the surface, his character was so annoying that Uncle Phil was constantly throwing him out of the house.

Whether you loved him or hated him, it was impossible not to have an opinion about him. Any time he appeared in an episode, you knew that something was about to go down. Jazz always added an extra layer of conflict to every episode, and two extra layers of comedy. Because let's face it: some of the funniest moments in the show came when Jazz entered a room. There was a reason Will kept him around time after time, and screw up after screw up. It's hard not to love the guy. In case you've forgotten what sets him apart, here's a list of reasons Jazz was the character from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that you loved to love and hate, depending on how the scene went.

1. He Wasn't Your Typical Best Friend

Jazz was supposed to be the best friend who was there for quick comedic relief, but he always brought an added element of coolness with him.

2. He Always Said What We Were Thinking

When the role of Vivian Banks was recast, there was a moment when everyone watching the show was like, "Wait, who is that?" Luckily, Jazz was there to break the fourth wall, address the awkwardness, and say everything we were thinking.

3. He Was The Perfect Wingman

We all have this friend, the one who is always down to chat you up to potential suitors. Jazz was the original wingman. Even though he tended to ruin a lot of potential connections, it was the thought that counted.

4. His Relationship With Hilary Was Amazing

A part of me always kind of wanted Hilary and Jazz to end up together. I know that's strange and totally implausible, but I imagined it would be the cutest story line ever. Even though Hilary rejected him often, Jazz was always respectful of her and willing to take down anyone who wasn't.

5. His Relationship With Uncle Phil Was Even More Amazing

Jazz and Uncle Phil probably had my favorite dynamic on the show. Yes, even though Uncle Phil was always throwing him out of the house. Nothing made Jazz's lines funnier than Uncle Phil's angry reactions to his jokes.

6. He Was Always Down For A Dance Party

It wouldn't be the '90s without some crazy colorful dance parties, and Jazz could party with the best of them. There was something so wonderful about watching him bust a move, especially with Will by his side.

7. He Went Along With Every Crazy Plan

No matter what it was that Will needed him to do, he was game. Over the years, they found themselves in some pretty precarious situations, but they always found their way out with their friendship intact.

8. He Is One Half Of The Perfect Handshake

For years, friends have been trying — and mostly failing — to perfect the ultimate handshake. Thanks to Jazz and Will's amazing friendship and swagger, the above move became a BFF handshake classic.

9. He Never Gave Up

Watching Jazz get thrown out of the Banks' house made for great TV. No matter how many times, or how far, Uncle Phil flung him out of their luxurious mansion, he would always come back. Sometimes right after being thrown out of the house.

10. He Had The Most Fly Style

The TV characters of the '90s never failed to impress with their idea of fashion, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was no different. Jazz's style was somewhat of a mix between Carlton and Will. He was in style, but it was never too wild or unbelievable.

11. He Always Kept it Real

In his own way, Jazz was a voice of reason for a lot of the characters on the show. Whether it was him saying something off the cuff that really struck a chord with someone, or his ability to casually mention a really important piece of information to someone else, he always kept it real.

12. He Was A True Friend

I know it's a little cheesy, but it doesn't make it any less true. For all his flaws, Jazz was a true friend to Will, and I think that's what made him so popular.

I'd say Jazz was one of my favorite characters from The Fresh Prince, because he was unashamed to be himself and people loved him for it. Everyone should strive to be a little more like Jazz in their day to day. I know I do.

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